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I wanted the perfect ending,  Now I've learned,  the hard way,  that some poems don't rhyme,  and some stories don't have a clear beginning,  middle,  and ending.   Life is about not knowing,  having to change,  taking the moment and making the best of it,  without knowing what's going to happen next........ 

Gilda Radner
















Tommy & 'Whitney        

                         Chance w/ 2005 Bay Colt           







Belle Of The Ball




                            Feinlyne N Magnum's Coda



                          Wiggles X Huckleberry

                         Jimmy & Aaron T      


                                     Crackers: Diane & Ray Horne


Collector's Edition x MoJo JoJo                               


Lady Sureyna                                

Huckleberry x Wiggles       


Huckleberry x Wiggles       


         (Louie & sisters)               




                          [Candy] D & D Cockers                            

               D & D Cockers                     







                   Collector's Edition Daughter  





Sasha x Cory pups

Gi Gi X Cory pup  

Gi Gi x Cory pup   

Tri-N-Dixie x Huck

Sasha x Cory pups

Gi Gi x Cory pup  

Sureyna x Rascals




Eli and Otis        





Aaron T           

Miss Molly        

  Beanie x Huck

   Sasha x Cory 

Jimmy Jamm  


        Pixie x Huck      

Dixie x Huck

      Whitney & pups

    Dixie x Huck

  Aaron T   




              Jasmin & Asia    


                 Maggie & Brandy

                 April Sunset 


                           Summer Rainbow

In Loving Memory ...


All Puppies/Dogs Pictured on this Page are Bred/Rasied


By Flying F Farms and It's Clients and Are Not For Sale

A Few Of My Favorite Cocker Breeders & Handlers I Recommend & Respect

These Breeder/Handlers Are A Wealth Of Information And Knowledge

Baliwick Cockers:  [Michael Allen/Deceased]

Schiely's Cockers:  [Bev Schiely]

Dr. Alvin Grossman [Authors]

[The American Cocker Spaniel]

D & D Cockers:  Diane Lindner

My-Ida-Ho & Gems Cockers:

[Sharon Gerhling & Emma Ross]

Uplord Estates:  [John & Susan Pontius]

Ging's Cockers:  [Bill Gorodner & Lloyd Alton]

[Authors:  The World Of The Cocker Spaniel]

Al & Annette Davis  [Deceased]

Feinlyne Cockers

Bailey Cockers:  [Jennifer Bailey]

Bob Covey

Joe Payne

Joan Stallard




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